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The Robust Affiliation With Our Partners Has Helped Us Built A Great Ecosystem, Which Acts As The Epicentre Of Top-Notch Business Software Solutions.


Vigous invites you to participate in our referral program. We understand that high-quality personalities like you know other talented people who would want to support our business By way of recognition and to thank you, we offer referral bonuses for in the following areas.

- Candidate Referral Bonus Plan
- Business/Client Referral Bonus Plan


If you know someone who would be a good fit for positions advertised by Vigous, please share the job description with them. If they are interested, complete the Candidate referral online form. Be sure to include the Job Code in the comments box, and also attach the resume. You may also send in your referral’s resume along with the candidate referral information to


The bonus payout will be will be determined by Vigous Management.

The Bonus will depend on several factors and will ultimately be determined by Vigous Management. The successful candidate must be employed by Vigous/our Client for a period of 90 workdays in order for you (the referrer) to be eligible for the bonus. If your referral is not hired within 6 months, the referral is no longer eligible for a bonus.


- Vigous Management retains the right to approve or decline any referrals, as well as determine the bonus payout for each referral.

- All referral payments are subject to applicable federal and state tax withholdings.

- Certain rules apply. Individuals are eligible for the referral bonus only when the referred candidate is new to Vigous and cannot be found in our database of current and/or previous applicants.

Business/Client Referral Bonus Plan

In addition to our candidate referral program, we offer our Business Referral Program. This program encourages eligible individuals to submit business opportunities with existing and/or new clients to Vigous. If you know that your department, or another department within the company, is looking to add another position, or that there is a need for additional consultants, you can send us the information. If that opportunity becomes an open assignment, and a consultant is successfully placed, you are eligible for a bonus.


The amount of the bonus will be calculated based on the profit margin of the opportunity and will be determined by Vigous Management. The bonus applies only to the 1 referred placement or business opportunity and will not be paid out on any future business with the client.

The Rules

To be eligible to receive the business referral bonus, the referrer must email all of the opportunities information to prior to the consultant being placed on assignment or fill out and submit the Business online form.

The opportunity must be new at the time the Business Referral is submitted, NOT an existing requirement in Vigous’s database.

The referrer will be paid 90 calendar days after the consultant’s start date. The bonus will not be pro-rated.


- Vigous Management retains the right to approve or decline any referrals and also to determine the actual bonus payout for each referral.

- All referral payments are subject to applicable federal and state tax withholdings.

- Certain rules apply. Individuals are eligible for the business referral bonus only when the referred client is new to Vigous and no existing business is taking place with referred client or new opportunity Vigous had no access to previously at an existing client.

Franchisee partner

Welcome to the Vigous Franchise Partner Program! If you are highly self-motivated, have an entrepreneurial streak, and can work hard to make your dreams come true - this is the right option for you. Franchising is today the preferred business model with no risk in this case.

Franchising offers you the freedom of working under the umbrella of a successful company, with a tried and tested way of doing business.

We welcome potential HR or marketing professionals to partner with us as our Vigous. We bring you the expertise and experience to help you to build a profitable business venture locally. We help you to setup full-fledged franchisee center of Vigous at your location, and give you full license to operate it profitably as successful business. We help you in every minute detail, including resources & equipment required to set up and run the centre, the investment cash flow statements showing expected ROI.

We will ensure, you will be successful in our network and have your dreams realized.

How its Franchisee operates?

- Vigous is a focused long-term business venture with presence in all cities across India, run by local partner licensed under Vigous name to provide franchisee support services to corporate and individuals.

- Each franchisee Center is operated through Local Franchisee Partner on revenue sharing model. All franchisee centers across India are connected to the same systems, software, tools, and have same branding, professional practices as defined by Vigous. All Franchisee act as branches to the Vigouswith complete integration in terms of operations, sales, finance and customer relationships.

- Each franchisee center is supported by Vigous offices at State Capitals for all administrative and legal support, including financial transactions support.

Responsibilities of a franchisee

  1. Franchising Fee:
  2. As a Franchisee, the first function you have in your Endeavour is to invest financially with an initial franchising fee.

  3. Time:
  4. Secondly, you will need to be sure that you can invest an adequate amount of time in the business. You will need to spend extra time learning how the system works. Once you know the ins and outs of the system, the time investment decreases in the onset.

  5. Leadership and Partnership:
  6. One of the most important skills you need is to possess as a franchisee, is the ability to be proactive and take initiative. The Franchisee should be clear in his thoughts as to raise any doubts that lingers in his mind, to the Franchisor without any fear, as this business goes hand in hand with a better two way communication between the Franchisee and the Franchisor for the high end success of the business.

  7. Meeting:
  8. In operating the business as a Franchisee you will most likely have to manage all the daily operations like proper follow ups with the customer, meeting them personally on the said time and managing the paper work in an organized way to carry out every work accurately and in a timely manner.

  9. Communication:
  10. With all the responsibilities that the Franchisee holds, Communication and organizational skill are the key skills to possess as a Franchisee. Communicating effectively and confidently with the customers, employees, vendors and other business contact is the key to succeed in the field of Franchising.

As a franchisee, you are completely responsible to the end client. Advance payment has to be taken before work is started. Full payment must be collected on delivery of the solutions.

Outsourcing partner

Advanced web technology at an affordable cost, customized web development packages and value for money.

Partner with an Advanced Web Development Company

Partner with us, we take care of your project or your client's projects on behalf of your company, we have simplified commercial teams, we have time-based monthly retainer payment model and prepaid hourly package with one-year validity.

Our team use15% of our working hours to learn new technologies every day to keep on improving our knowledge base for our clients and outsourcing partners. It has completely evolved over a period of 6 years of its web design & development services and achieved tremendous growth in the web design Industry; offering a full spectrum of Web designing that include web design, web application, hosting, business email, digital marketing and search engine optimization. To accelerate this growth globally, Vigous is now looking on for association with open-minded intellectuals who can join in our business ordeal to widen the business all over the world.

Experience the hassle-free business process with our online client reporting portal, clients can manage work orders, work status, and view reports with our custom built client portal, it was specially designed to optimize the internal working system and not to miss out any job delivery schedule, Vigous web development committed to excellence.

What are we to Offer you in a Partnership?

To work on creating and strengthening the strategic fiber of an organization we can offer with web design and web development support for those who have established themselves in the Industry and may need help in outsourcing their services, in such a situation Vigous can play a major role by providing such companies with our experienced web development and digital marketing team.

We offer both website front-end design and backend development for the organization for their quick and beneficial outcome in the business. With our dedicated resources and strategic solutions, we guarantee to facilitate the successful partnership.

We work with clear effective leadership with dedicated resources in identifying barriers to execution for the partner organization.

Reselling partner

Our Reseller Program lets you open your own online business in a matter of hours. You choose which Vigous products you want to sell — and for how much — and we provide the rest, from the web store to payment processing.

Your business, our products.

Everything you need to sell domains, hosting, email, website builder and more, right from your own website.

Resell our products with your brand.

  1. Build your online storefront.
  2. Your store should look like it's yours. Create a storefront that looks like your business.

  3. Set your own prices.
  4. Don't just get a commission, set your own margins and price products your way.

  5. 24/7 award-winning support.
  6. We have a multi-lingual team dedicated to helping our resellers succeed. We also offer white-label, English-only support for your customers.

  7. IT professionals and all business types welcome.
  8. You know how your arena works and how your customers want to do business. We help put them together

It's your business. Let it shine.

Your business isn't just a Vigous clone, so why should it look that way?Now you can create a unique experience for your customers that gives them the tools they need to succeed.

Let's talk about money. Lots of it.

While other reseller programs may talk about commission rates, ours stands out from the crowd. Here you can set your own margins. That's right, you pick and choose how much money you make off each product. It feels good to have that power, right?

Access and manage your customer accounts.

When a new customer creates an account on your reseller storefront, you get automatic access plus the option to purchase and manage products on their behalf. We quietly provide the tools and technology, while you build rapport and trust with your patrons.

It's like we're invisible.

All reseller plans have pre-built and customizable eCommerce storefronts with your name baked right in. You'll even get your name on nearly all our products. Your customers will have no idea we're even involved.

Understand how we can change your online presence.

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